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zVisuel was founded in 2001, guided by the growing potential in 3D interactive applications. Our idea was that this communication mode, already adopted by video games, would benefit various new domains, especially in business and industrial environments.

zVisuel has since designed several applications in various domains, such as training material, sports simulations, real-estate, product catalogues, virtual prototyping and retail space planning.

Our PlanogramBuilder concept was born in 2002 from a set of requirements expressed by Procter & Gamble for optimizing their perfume products shelving.

PlanogramBuilder has since become our main business activity and focus, with several thousand user accounts worldwide and a steady growth in new client aquisitions each year since we started broad scale sales in 2011.


zVisuel SA
Rue du Simplon 37
1006 Lausanne

Tel: +41 (0)21 311-52-53


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