Item Catalogs



Product Catalog


Select the Products task. Here you can access all the products that are in your database.



Each product is represented by a thumbnail and a text description.

Important Note: You must first add your own Products to your database to start planogramming. If you are just starting using PlanogramBuilder, only sample items are available. Please see Database (Products, Shelf Tools, Materials) to find out how to add your products to the database.

Shelf Tool Catalog


Select the Shelf Tools task. Here you can access all the props and accessories that are in your database. These can be for example bay headers, banners, shelf strips, custom POS, etc.

Important Note: You must first add your own shelf tools to the database to put them in planograms. If you are just starting using PlanogramBuilder, only sample shelf tools may be available. Please see Database (Products, Shelf Tools) to find out how to add your shelf tools to your database.

Find Items by Classification



On the left side of the screen, your products are listed in a hierarchical menu with 3 levels, each corresponding to a classification criterion. Select Items in the hierarchy on the left displays the corresponding thumbnails in the catalog on the right side.

When you select an item in the 1st level of the menu, only the items matching your choice are shown at the 2nd level, and so on for the 3rd level.

Tip: You can display all items for any of the classification level by selecting the “*” symbol.

Tip: You can change the display order of the classification levels if you wish to sort items in a different order:

1.       Click on the small triangle at the level you want to re-order (Ex: Brand). A menu appears.

2.       In the menu, Re-order the current level by assigning it a different order (Ex: 1 - top).

3.       The current level (Ex: Brand) will be swapped with the previous 1st level (Ex: Category).

image  image

Note: changing the display order of the classification levels in the Product / Shelf Toool catalog does not change the order defined in the Settings. See Item Classification Properties.

Find Items by Text



Just above the catalog thumbnails, you can type some text to search and display matching products. When using this method, the hierarchy will be disabled and PlanogramBuilder will look in your entire database to find products matching the text you entered. The search box accepts single or multiple keywords following these rules:

·         Multiple keywords must be separated by spaces

·         All keywords must be present

·         Keywords are not case sensitive

·         The order of keywords doesn’t matter

Example: typing frozen CHOCOLATE in the Search by Name box will display all the products containing chocolate AND frozen in their name.

To get back to the classification method, you can clear the search box with the Clear button.

Note: The search function is labeled and applies your text search according to the current type of thumbnail captions. Ex: if you have set your captions to show the product name and reference, the search will look for your text string in the list of product names and references.

Catalog Captions and Search

The text description below each thumbnail can be set to be any combination of the following item properties: its name, reference, and/or any of the custom properties value as defined in the database.

To set which property (ies) is (are) displayed below the thumbnails:

1.      Click Settings

2.      Under Product & Shelf Tool Catalogs, Captions & search, check your preferred description, as shown below.



Note: This setting doesn’t apply to the Template catalog, which always shows project names.


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