This section shows you how to change the Background of your planograms.

Background Color

You can change the background color of the viewing area:

1.      click Settings on the upper toolbar


2.      Click on the color swatch next to Background Color.


3.      Set the value by picking any color from the color popup dialog. (default color: white)


4.      Click OK to confirm.


Note: When you change the background color, the latest color is saved in your account and re-used for new projects.

Note: The current background color is also used when publishing planogram images in Publish > Pictures (Picture and Save commands).

Note: The current background color is NOT used when publishing planogram images in Publish > Reports because reports have their own background color setting overriding the viewing area background.

Background Picture

You can also import an image to use as the background of the project:

1.      Right-click on the viewing area to display the context menu.


2.      Select Set Background Picture.

3.      A popup dialog will let you browse for a picture on your hard drive.


Note: If you save your project with a background image specified, the image file is referenced in the project, but is not actually saved in the project file. So if you delete the image from your computer, if you open the project from a different computer, or if you share the project with another user, it will need to be re-specified as Background Picture in the project.

Tip: If you have taken a photograph of the store area where you project will be implemented, you can use a photo as the background and see your project in situation.

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