Known Issues

Slow loading

Problem: It takes forever to open projects, to upload pictures or to Export Database.

Explanation: You may have a slow Internet connection to our servers.

Solution: You can test your connection speed to our server at

If the reported speed is lower than 5 Mbits/s, it is normal that PlanogramBuilder takes a long time to upload and download items.

Tip: Try to avoid working with a slow connection if possible: for example, switch from Wifi to Ethernet connection whenever it is available.

Products not displayed


Problem: I cannot see any product in the database preview area.

Problem: I cannot see any product on the shelves when I load a project or when I drag a product onto a shelf.

Explanation: some Microsoft Windows / Internet Explorer™ settings may prevent file loading in PlanogramBuilder.

Solution 1: Change Internet Explorer™ settings:

1.      Open Internet Explorer.

2.      Click Internet options.

3.      Click on Advanced tab.

4.      Under Settings scroll down to Security section.

5.      Uncheck Do not save encrypted pages to disk.

6.      Click Apply and OK to save the settings.

7.      Close Internet Explorer.

8.      Now your products should display in PlanogramBuilder.

Or, solution 2: If you are unable to apply solution 1 or if it keeps reverting, run PlanogramBuilder in HTTP mode:

1.      Close PlanogramBuilder.

2.      Apply the /Protocol=HTTP command line parameter by following the instructions here: Command line parameters.

3.      Now your products should display in PlanogramBuilder.

Or, solution 3: If you are unable to apply solution 1 and 2:

1.      Launch PlanogramBuilder directly in Internet Explorer. Please contact support at if you need instructions for this.

Product pictures not displayed

Problem: I've tried to upload an image of a product, but the preview shows a white object (or it still shows the old picture).

Solution: Please do the following:

·         In Database Editor, click on the line of the product in the list to refresh the 3D preview.


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