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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update.

Database New Features

  • The Database Editor has a new interface with a detailed view of each item.
  • All item properties are now visible and editable directly on this screen.
  • The color of each item can be set set in the Database Editor from a color palette.
  • New item properties "Depth gap" and "Units per facing" are available to save predefined values per item in the database.
  • Collisions can be enabled or disabled per item in the database.
  • The item preview is bigger.

Project Management

  • There is an updated interface for managing projects.
  • Sending projects to other users requires fewer clicks and the recipient is remembered for next time you use the command.

Turn Products Upside Down

  • You can Rotate Product 180° with the command "Product upside down" in the popup menu.

Schematic View Display

  • Product caption in schematic view can display your choice of the following values: name, reference, custom property 1, 2 or 3.

Collisions Settings

  • Collisions can be persistently turned on or off in the user settings.

Front Panel Display

  • A new command "Show Front Panels" in the popup menu lets you toggle the visiblility of Front Panel bay elements. This allows you to temporarily hide front panels when you want to move products that are behind them.

Report Enhancement

  • Planogram reports can now include columns with the width, height and depth of each product.

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