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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

PlanogramBuilder standalone application

  • The new PlanogramBuilder standalone application is an alternative to the current Web application.
  • Check it out if you cannot or do not wish to run PlanogramBuilder in your Web browser.
  • PlanogramBuilder standalone installs on your local PC but still requires Internet.
  • The standalone and Web applications have exactly the same looks and features.
  • More info and download here !

Multi-user enhancements

  • Each planogram project can now be marked as published to prevent modifying the project after it has been finalized.
  • In multi-user environments, the option called Shared Projects lets all users share all their planogram projects.
  • It is possible to completely disable all Bay creation and editing features for Standard Users so only PlanogramBuilder administrators can edit them.

Editing features

  • For each bay, it is now possible to lock bay elements in order to prevent any modification to the bay.
  • 2D shelves can now be moved behind any products that are positioned on lower shelves. (PlanogramBuilder Light only)
  • The new Center on shelf command lets you automatically group several facings at the center of a shelf.

Database improvements

  • You can specify the color of items in the database with the new color picker tool.
  • Items in the database can now be enabled or disabled to toggle their visibility in the catalog.
color picker tool

Personalizing PlanogramBuilder

  • The Application Logo displays an image on the title bar visible to all PlanogramBuilder users in your company. Typically you can display your own company logo.
  • PlanogramBuilder provides 3 properties to classify your products. The name of each property can now be defined freely.

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Flyer - PlanogramBuilder Light

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