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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

Quick multi-selection

    Multiple Products and Shelf Tools can now be selected much faster with two new selection methods: More info !
  • Draw a rectangle with your mouse to select all items crossing the rectangle.
  • Use the Shift + click method to select a range of items between two points.

Better Excel compatibility

    Native Microsoft Excel files (.xlsx and .xls) are now supported directly for several tasks:
  • As input for Assortment Analysis. More info !
  • As input for Profitability Study. More info !
  • As input for Database Import. More info !
  • As output for Database Export. More info !

Import 3D models

    If you need additional 3D shapes not available in PlanogramBuilder, you can import your own 3D models in *.3DS format. More info !
Import 3DS models

Other enhancements

  • Send projects to multiple users. More info !
  • Install PlanogramBuilder standalone version in unattended mode. More info !

Watch the video presentation

Flyer - PlanogramBuilder

Flyer - PlanogramBuilder Light

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