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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

Import Planograms from Spreadsheets

    The new Import Project task lets you generate visual planograms automatically from Microsoft Excel files. More info !
  • 3 import modes for various use cases: Open, Add and Auto-reload which automatically updates your Planogram when you change your input file.

The Template Catalog

    The Template Catalog is an new tab which lets you display all your template projects as thumbnails. More info !
  • Template projects can then be added to your current planogram by drag and drop.
  • Templates can be sorted by classification in the catalog. More info !

Back up and Restore Projects

    PlanogramBuilder lets you create a local backup of your projects. More info !
  • You can also restore all or a selection of projects.

Other Enhancements

  • New price tags with automatic price display. More info !
  • Projects are now easier to find with thumbnails and additional filters. More info !
  • Additional project sharing options. More info !
  • Shelf Tools can now be listed in reports. More info !

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