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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

Position and orient bays freely

    The new Free Bays mode lets you create planograms that represent a more complex retail area, such as several aisles, a shop-in-shop or multi-sided fixtures. More info !
  • Specify precise Position, Orientation and Inclination. More info !
  • Move and rotate bays with the mouse. More info !
  • Note: limited functionality in PlanogramBuilder Light.

Edit multiple bays

    You can now edit several bays at once.
  • Select by click and by rectangle. More info !
  • Move, rotate or delete multiple bays.
  • Edit overall bay parameters of several bays together.

Resize existing bays

    You can re-dimension selected bays. More info !
  • Change overall width, depth and/or height of the bay(s).
  • Shelf and divider spacing is automatically recalculated while thickness of such elements is maintained.

Edit multiple bay elements

    You can now edit several bay elements at once.
  • Select by click and by rectangle. More info !
  • Move, copy or delete multiple bay elements. More info !
  • Edit their dimensions, position and other properties together. More info !
  • Space evenly selected elements horizontally / vertically. More info !
  • Align selected bay elements Left / Right / Top / Bottom. More info !
  • Also works with bay elements placed on different bays.

Enhanced product editing

    New time-saving product selection and positioning tools.
  • Select All Products command. More info !
  • Pack products Left On Shelf, Pack Right On Shelf, Fill Shelf Width. (Also works for products on several shelves and bays.) More info !
  • Rotate several products in one operation. More info !

Improved Item Info

    The Item Info panel now allows more editing per facing. More info !
  • Specify product behavior per facing: pegged / stackable / standard / tester.
  • Specify product and shelf tool collisions per facing.
  • Item Info supports multi-selection of shelf tools.

Other enhancements

  • HTTPS is now the default protocol in PlanogramBuilder for Increased security.
  • Bulgarian language available for the GUI.
  • Enter key shortcut to save a project in the Save / Save As project panel.
  • Several bug fixes.

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Flyer - PlanogramBuilder

Flyer - PlanogramBuilder Light

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