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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder latest update !

Nested products

    You can nest products vertically or in depth with a negative height or depth gap.
  • Preset the vertical nesting amount per product in the database.More info !
  • Set the vertical and/or depth nesting amount per facing in the current project.More info !

Bay enhancements

  • It's now possible to copy bays with Ctrl + mouse drag.More info !
  • For each bay element, decide if products and shelf tools should collide against it.More info !
  • You can now also add or remove the back panel on an existing bay after it's been created.Add back panel ! / Hide back panel !
  • In free bays mode, a new button lets you activate the rotate bay tool.More info !

Reports and Project Import

    We've added more control to publish reports and import projects from Excel.
  • Horizontal ID : a new column to number items from left to right on each shelf/row.More info !
  • 3 columns specifying the number of adjacent repeats per facing in 3 directions: More info !
    - Facings High and Facings Wide give respectively the number of vertical and lateral repeats, replacing the old Facings column.
    - Facings Deep tells the number of depth repeats, replacing the old Units per facing.
  • Merge items by reference in reports. This new option creates a simpler report grouping products of the same reference. It is useful to generate an order list for example.More info !
  • In free bays mode, Project perspective view creates an image from the current viewpoint in reports.More info !

Other enhancements

  • Align and space items across multiple bays. For example, you can evenly space products which sit on 2 adjacent shelves at the same height on 2 different bays.More info !
  • Presenter: this new standard shelf tool behavior lets you present out-of-box items on a flat stand.More info !
  • Database batch import can be cancelled during image upload.More info !
  • Missing image file extensions are automatically added during database batch import.More info !
  • Millimiters (mm) is a now available as a measurement unit in Settings.More info !
  • Users with a performant PC can select a constant high visual quality.More info !
  • HTTPS is now the default protocol for PlanogramBuilder for improved security.More info !
  • Our video tutorials can be accessed directly from the PlanogramBuilder tool bar.More info !
  • The User guide is now automated translated by Google in your PlanogramBuilder GUI language.More info !

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