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Discover what's new in PlanogramBuilder update v39 !

German Language

    PlanogramBuilder is now also in German.
  • Set PlanogramBuilder to German.More info !

Dimension Arrows

    Display the size of your bays with dimension lines and arrows.
  • Show bay dimensions on screen.More info !
  • Include dimensioning in report views.More info !

Flow Direction

    Define and show the intended traffic flow direction of your planograms.
  • Specify the flow direction of your bays.More info !
  • Indicate the flow direction on screen.More info !
  • Publish the flow direction in report views.More info !

Floor Grid

    Use a floor grid to help position your bays. *
  • Display the floor grid. *More info !

Bays & Bay Elements

    Enhanced back panel bay elements give you more control and flexibility.
  • Drag and drop any number of back panels onto any bay.More info !
  • Position back panels anywhere on the bay.More info !
  • Precisely define pegboard and slat wall areas with back panel margins.More info !
    Other bay improvements
  • Conditionally accept items on bay elements at bay creation. * More info !
  • Modify any shelf (more info !) and back panel (more info !) to accept items or not. *
  • Change the spacing between shelves with the Gap to shelf below parameter.More info !
  • Edit common bay element properties with the whole bay selected.More info !
  • The bay name is now placed at the bay bottom in schematic view.More info !

Products & Database

  • Highlight disabled items in current project.More info !
  • Mirror selected products.More info !
  • Apply Pack, Center and Fill Shelf commands now also to pegged products.More info !
  • Use shapes with up to 6 images for your products and shelf tools. A new standard shape has been added: box 6pics - 1 front - 2 left - 3 right - 4 top - 5 back - 6 bottom. * More info !
  • The speed to generate items in the database has been much improved in this release.


  • Select convenient preset image sizes to publish planogram pictures (A5,A4,etc.)More info !
  • Include a column showing the item behavior in reports (pegged, standard, etc.)More info !


  • When sending a project, choose recipients from a list showing all users in your company.More info !
  • With the star symbol (*), see if the current project has changed since last save.More info !


  • PlanogramBuilder tutorial 3 is now available on YouTube: Startup Settings.Check it out !

Note: features marked with * are not available in PlanogramBuilder Light version.

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